Project Development

Design and construction

You have decided to purchase a brand new house. Your search usually starts on the Internet or perhaps on a Second Home Fair. Of course you have already made an overview of the type of homes that appeal to you. You may find that only a few appeal to you in terms of their model / design. From this moment on we are the right partner to turn your ideas into reality and start building your dream home. From the idea up to and including the key, all will be taken care of!

Architectural Research

You have found a suitable home. To make this your dream home, a renovation is required. Before you buy a house, our expert can visit and assess the property. He can advise you during the entire process and provide construction supervision.

Application for Licenses

After designing a radical renovation in many cases, it is in many cases required to obtain the required permit. knows how to follow the right paths!

Project Management

Before and during construction it is important that everything goes according to plan. Our engineer ensures that everything runs accordingly.